Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Steering modding

Further racing modifications just completed this weekend, Ive dropped the suspension in the front forks, this has steepened the steering angle giving faster steering, to do this I got an old bottom yolk, machined the stem out of it, made a spacer to go underneath it so it rests on the top bearing without galling on the frame. It gives me four benefits 1: Faster steering 2: It gives extra clamping on the stantions as the standard is two bolts at on the bottom yolk, this gives me 4 3: It stiffens the front springs up as the top bolts now push them down 20mm 4: It neatens the top yolk up after using clip ons so win win all round makes a change lol I just need to mill a bit of the top where the stem nut goes tonight and thats another mod ticked off

Notice on the bottom pic the gap between the headlamp brackets and the bottom yolk, this is how much it lowers it, the stance looks miles better, if you look through the build pics you will notice the front sits a bit higher than the back, its now nose down arse up!!

Also notice on the second pic the extra bolting on the stantions as the old top yolk was held in by the stantion nuts, this stiffens the front up no end, ill also add a brace by the mudguard later

Before shot old top yolk:-


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