Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Finally a rear brake!

Sorted the rear brake out which was the biggest headache so far, the exhaust is really close to the frame at the best of times but with adding a rearset where I wanted them made matters worse, the brake is pulled from the opposite side of the pedal which also makes it tricky. After spotting the cable on BBsparkys rearset kit (cheers for the pics mate) everything in my head aligned and clicked into place lol. So I managed to persuade Martin at Burwins to sell me just the cable and drum mount, for £18, then I managed to source a Tarozzi rearset off eBay for a whopping 99p plus P&P, its ideal as you can adjust the pedal height and cable pull angle to suit, its actually a left hand one but they are universal. All I had to do is make a cable stay on on the pedal side using 20mm box with a 6.5mm hole in it for the cable stay and a 10mm hole for the cable to go through, then slotted so you can get pass the cable through, works a treat and I welded it so that it also acts as a stop so the pedal wont flip backwards. The only other mod was on the drum side I felt that the spring isnt strong enough to release the brake so I added an extra one off a Bantam cable I had kicking around and now it snaps back nicely. Anyone thats had to do this on an MZ will appreciate what a ball ache it is lol, anyway loads of pics taken to help anyone else out, cause there's a couple of people I know who's waiting to do the same, if you need anymore give us a shout

Has anyone else got a Tarozzi rearset lying around I could buy off them? Would be a great help, you can buy a pair new for £99 and new spares to build one up from scratch but this is a budget build so trying to do as cheap as poss, cheers

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