Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Engine rebuild

Alright been too busy beavering in my hole to do any updates lol. I tried to get an unpainted running bike down to a rod meet we have every year for the volksrods site I help run, but unfortunately all plans didnt work out so Ive started stripping down again to further modify and paint

The reason I didnt get to go was because I went to kick it over one day and the bloody thing felt like it was seized, I already stripped the top end apart and all was hunky dory so after splitting the crankcase my worst suspicions were confirmed, main bearings had seized, see below pic, so I spent a week getting the bits together to split the crank, new conrod and bearings all round, gearbox etc, find a new secondary shaft as first gear secondary had chipped probably due to a backfire when kicking over etc etc then all stitch back together again :-


New conrod seals and big/little end bearing done by Martin proprietor at Burwins London

All cleaned up ready to rebuild

Crankcase internals with new bearings/seals, I use Wellseal as a gasket sealer, the best ever sealer Ive used, you can also build it up in layers if youve got a dodgy joit, just leave each layer to dry tacky before adding another layer on (top tip of the day haha)

Cases heated up to 100 degrees C to drop the bearings in ready, waited till the missus was out and cranked the oven up, first half done waiting for other case to heat up

Clutch and drive gears going in (spot the wellseal box in the background, dont use any other sealer)

Ready for the barrel and head to be beadblasted on the nightshift 


All bolted up, just align bored the inlet manifold/spacer and gaskets for that extra 0.0000005mph!

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