Sunday, 10 March 2013

Adaptor made

Need to spend more time in the garage and stop studying quadratic equations for my engineering degree!
Spacer/adaptor done need to do caliper bracket then juice it all up then its done ready for summer maybe!

Monday, 31 December 2012

Started on the disc conversion, parts Im using are as follows

Royal Enfield bullet disc, with carrier (may be making another carrier yet as it needs a spacer making so Ill make a one piece one)

Grimeca calliper and master cylinder (AP racing copy)

ETZ 250 disc front wheel

ETZ 250 right hand fork let with calliper mounting

ETZ 250 spindle and spacers, right had spacer ive machined 5mm off to centre the wheel in the forks)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Classic Bike mention

I got a full page in September 2012 classic bike magazine page 28! Cant believe it very chuffed thanks CC

Working on a disc conversion at the moment, more details to follow, progress is slow as Im moving house

If anyone wants to buy my twin leading shoe conversion complete give me a mail

Monday, 2 July 2012

Award winner

Just got back from the yearly MZ Carrog rally with a trophy for Best "Interesting" vehicle, to say I was stunned was an understatement, I thought id get grief from all the enthusiasts but couldn't get over the amount of interest it got. I was especially happy with the way people pointed out every little detail change, that meant more than the award but the trophy was the icing on the cake. My mate Willis got the award for Best 2 stroke which is the blue ISDT copy in the below pic, another garagehead fully own built

Finished at last!

Finally finished the main build, ive still got some tweaks to do but on the whole its done, im really pleased that I didnt stray from the original idea, just improved on the ones I already had. Just changed the hideous yellow number plate for black and silver one, so we'll see how long it takes to get pulled haha

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Seat finally painted

Been waiting for good weather to paint the seat since february and finally got it yesterday, came out good

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

On the road!

Long overdue update, MOT'd and on the road for Dragon rally, just stripped it down for full paint now thats out of the way, more pics and previous build pics to follow

And finally dragon rally mode and the shortcut we took to get there, its only 25 miles up the road but we did a 130 mile rideout to get there over the ranges, great laugh and lots of black ice!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Final assembly!

Final assembly after painting has finally started! The frame is completely done just needs bits hanging off it now, just spent tonight putting new head bearings in, servicing the rear shocks and fitting uprated springs and fitted the swingarm, all bits fully serviced as I go along, the tickoff list is getting shorter and shorter very rapidly  :D  Now knackered half pissed and high on thinners used for cleaning bits, so all good

12v conversion Powerdyno

Also splashed out massively, well not really I finished paying CSA after 13 years and I managed to overpay by a month and a half, so in effect my ex missus has payed for a 6 to 12v/electronic ignition conversion from power dyno in germany, I only had to put £1.50 to it so it makes the deal sweet as f*** haha if only she knew, fitted it yesterday very high quality bit of kit, but not cheap as far as MZ bits are concerned, it cost more than the bike and engine rebuild alone  :o but is the icing on the cake. it benefits from being self energizing so Im putting a tiny 2.9 amp/hour battery under the seat, but could go battery-less if I got stuck with blown fuses in the middle of no where

Monday, 28 November 2011

Frame and swingarm done

Big progress this weekend, I finished stripping the frame, then decided to give it a coat of rust remover, would have been all good and well but the rust remover dried to a powdery surface that lifted as soon as you touched it, done use loctite rust treatment if you plan on just painting it on then overpainting. After a couple of hours I managed to scotchbrite it all off leaving a good surface to filler prime, this went on really well and with no reacting where I couldnt get to the rust treatment with the scotchbrite. This morning I rubbed all the frame with 400 wet and dry then prepped it for a coat of black enamel. I was dreading spraying this as Ive always brush painted it bofore and it runs just looking at it, so I turned the pressure down on the compressor and adjusted the tip to just give out a waft of paint with plenty of air and it sprayed a treat, I dont think Ill ever brush paint it again Im really pleased with the results, Id already hand painted the swingarm, side engine plates and main stand but wasnt happy with the brush strokes in it, so out came the trusty scotchbrite, gave them all a key and rubbing down the brushstrokes at the same time and these came up a treat as well. Very chuffed. To thin the enamel for spraying, just keep adding nitro celly thinners to it till it get to a watery consistency and stir well, dont leave it in the gun too long, if you have to make sure you stir the paint again or all the heavy enamel sinks to the bottom, and will spit out blobs of paint when you start spraying again. Major progress, its drying nicely now and then I can start on final build!