Saturday, 10 December 2011

Final assembly!

Final assembly after painting has finally started! The frame is completely done just needs bits hanging off it now, just spent tonight putting new head bearings in, servicing the rear shocks and fitting uprated springs and fitted the swingarm, all bits fully serviced as I go along, the tickoff list is getting shorter and shorter very rapidly  :D  Now knackered half pissed and high on thinners used for cleaning bits, so all good

12v conversion Powerdyno

Also splashed out massively, well not really I finished paying CSA after 13 years and I managed to overpay by a month and a half, so in effect my ex missus has payed for a 6 to 12v/electronic ignition conversion from power dyno in germany, I only had to put £1.50 to it so it makes the deal sweet as f*** haha if only she knew, fitted it yesterday very high quality bit of kit, but not cheap as far as MZ bits are concerned, it cost more than the bike and engine rebuild alone  :o but is the icing on the cake. it benefits from being self energizing so Im putting a tiny 2.9 amp/hour battery under the seat, but could go battery-less if I got stuck with blown fuses in the middle of no where