Sunday, 30 October 2011

Filler primer

First coat of paint finally on, wasn't planning to do any spraying today but seen as it was warm and sunny thought id take the opportunity, good to see the tinware all in one colour, major milestone achieved, but realised after i forgot the light cowl good excuse to lay some more 2k filler primer on the filled bits

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dragon Rally mode

Not exactly the cafe racer look haha but this is it in rally mode, perfect for my clubs rally, have a good laugh, panniers are only resting on for now, ive fabbed it up using any existing holes or bolts that were already there so when its off you will never be able to tell you had panniers on there lol


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Quick Dry build

Done another quick dry build as my dad said he was going to pop over from Manchester for a visit, but as usual he promises but never turns up, ahh well nothing new there, given up with my family letting us down all my life glad Ive made my own great family away from them all haha! (moan moan lol)  Anyway its looking great!


Rebuilt the forks with new seals and oil, beadblasted the fork bottoms and they have come up a treat. Med has also made us some nylon bushes to mount the headlamp brackets on the fork legs, the rubbers were cutting up from the clipons and the bottom ally bushes tightening onto them and pushing them back inside the brackets, so the nylon bushes have done away with them completely and now is a lot better mounting than before and itsnt such a pain to take off the brakets when needed, it took me over half an hour to get the rubber ones to seat properly, also he made a nylon bush for the end of the twist throttle as the standard MZ has a bar end that pushes inside the throttle as well, so now have a proper working throttle, just need to make a spacer for the other side and some bar ends and thats the handlebars finished, also need to mill 5.25mm off the top of the top yolk, paint the yolks, and fit the new grip rubbers and that will be the forks, yolks and handlebars done. Next modify the drum brake to fit an external arm pull to give better braking than standard and fabricate a brake cooling duct, make a torque arm then beadblast the front wheel, paint the spokes and fit the new bearings and thats the whole front end done

Made a big to-do list up so I can start crossing things off and feel like Im getting somewhere




Big thanks to Willis for coming up with this idea and to Joe to make it a reality, its the cold start side of the carb, it normally has a cable from the handlebars but their is no room for it on the clip-ons plus it neatens everything up on the bars and bike, its my favorite bit so far. It only looks a small piece but the lever had to be designed so that it lifted the standard plunger up high enough and have the right angle on it to stay open, also their is a small bronze bush that has a shoulder on it for the lever but also fits inside the existing cable hole and a small bar to replicate the cable with a turned little pin to connect it to the lever, loads of work for such a small piece!