Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bit more of an update, not been on here much as spending all my spare time in the garage working to my self imposed deadline of a run down saff to a mates rod doo, which reminds me to apply for the V5 so I can tax the bloody thing! All being well if I get some hard to find parts through in time were on schedule but it might be in bare metal lol Nearly finished the fab work just waiting for my expansion chamber exhaust to arrive from germany so I can start on the rearset footpegs then thats all the fab work done, then its small engine rebuild, wiring, and some welding I cant do till its all stripped down to bare frame, not much then lol Oh and im  waiting for my headlamp shell to be mirror coated using the same material as missile guided systems use, it going to be worth twice as much as the whole bike once thats done hahah but at least it will save me £25 for a decent second hand one :D Some quick pics taken today, may not seem like it but the only part that hasnt been modified in some way is the tank everything else has been lightened, deleted or modified, the front mudguard alone has been 6 pieces spliced together to get the right look and get rid of some rot, the headlight sits 8 inches lower along with ally custom mount clock brackets welded up, clip ons in place of the handlebars as you can see by the top yolk, headlight is going to house all the electrics with no outside visible mounting points for it all, made a rear hugger that goes up and down with the braced swingarm, seat is obvious a one off fab, airbox which weighs a tonne deleted, kickstart modded to clear the rearsets when fabbed up, rear  brake mech is a nightmare refab as it crosses over right to left, wont bore you any longer with all the small bits lol

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