Friday, 11 November 2011

Front wheel

The front brake on aa supa 5 is a weedy affair, the brake arm is enclosed inside the drum so this is unnecessarily short, I was going to machine the standard drum to allow a longer arm on the outside instead of inside, but I managed to bag another stafford classic bike show bargain. Its a Jawa 350 twin leading shoe front wheel and picked it up for a bargain £20 inc drum brake, sorted. Its such a good match that it even used the same front wheel bearings as the MZ and the ally rim looks near enough identical to the rear rim, result! The only thing is that it is about 10mm narrower that the MZ overall bearing surface, but at least its not too wide wich would have been a headache. So I mounted the wheel up in the forks,centralised it and measured for spacers. On the torque arm side of the drum it normally locates in a square in the fork leg, which the MZ one dosent have, so I need to get some 30mm x 3mm box section and make a torque arm mount, but this will double up as the spacer for the other side and should look pretty neat, so left spacer is done now its 5.15mm for the record leaving 4.65mm for the torque as side as its thicker. Looks great just the torque arm mount and arm to make and machine the top yolk down and thats the front end sorted.

 Left side centered and measured up

Right side temporary spacer washer put in and drum in place
to fabricate torque arm

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