Monday, 28 November 2011

Frame and swingarm done

Big progress this weekend, I finished stripping the frame, then decided to give it a coat of rust remover, would have been all good and well but the rust remover dried to a powdery surface that lifted as soon as you touched it, done use loctite rust treatment if you plan on just painting it on then overpainting. After a couple of hours I managed to scotchbrite it all off leaving a good surface to filler prime, this went on really well and with no reacting where I couldnt get to the rust treatment with the scotchbrite. This morning I rubbed all the frame with 400 wet and dry then prepped it for a coat of black enamel. I was dreading spraying this as Ive always brush painted it bofore and it runs just looking at it, so I turned the pressure down on the compressor and adjusted the tip to just give out a waft of paint with plenty of air and it sprayed a treat, I dont think Ill ever brush paint it again Im really pleased with the results, Id already hand painted the swingarm, side engine plates and main stand but wasnt happy with the brush strokes in it, so out came the trusty scotchbrite, gave them all a key and rubbing down the brushstrokes at the same time and these came up a treat as well. Very chuffed. To thin the enamel for spraying, just keep adding nitro celly thinners to it till it get to a watery consistency and stir well, dont leave it in the gun too long, if you have to make sure you stir the paint again or all the heavy enamel sinks to the bottom, and will spit out blobs of paint when you start spraying again. Major progress, its drying nicely now and then I can start on final build!

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