Monday, 2 July 2012

Award winner

Just got back from the yearly MZ Carrog rally with a trophy for Best "Interesting" vehicle, to say I was stunned was an understatement, I thought id get grief from all the enthusiasts but couldn't get over the amount of interest it got. I was especially happy with the way people pointed out every little detail change, that meant more than the award but the trophy was the icing on the cake. My mate Willis got the award for Best 2 stroke which is the blue ISDT copy in the below pic, another garagehead fully own built


  1. Been following your progress since I came across you bike on the XS650 forum! Congratulations on a sweet little Cafe racer. You'll find the MZ Riders club unlike most one make clubs. We know they aren't perfect and love seeing people spending time and money making them their own

  2. Cheers Neil, the XS is waiting in the wings for garagehead treatment. MZ's are definitely underrated they are great fun to ride and the quality of the stuff is amazing, all the alloy parts are top quality I just degreased the engine casing and it came up looking brand new, and the best thing is you can buy factory new and remanufatured parts off the shelf for very reasonable prices. If anyone out there hasnt ridden one, go give it a go, you might surprise yourself!

  3. My first MZ was a Supa5 and over the years Ive amassed far too many of them from 1956 onwards! The Supa5 is in my opinion the best engine they ever built, and apart from the dubious front brake the rest aint too shabby. I'll have to get my blog moving again.